Poll Results (12/27/15)

Aoi_on_the_radioKiriya Aoi

2015 is almost over so time to wrap up and announce the winners of the polls. Kinda pointless because you already saw who took the lead, but whatevs! Also it’s a reason for me to put new polls next year.

Official Aikatsu or Doujinshi?


67.12% of the people voted for doujinshi while 32.88% voted for the official manga. The point of the poll is determining what our small reader base wants and since the majority prefer reading doujinshi over the official ones, we’re gonna focus more on doujinshi and less on Secret Story.

Best Yuru Yuri Girl?

Toushinou Kyouko

Toushinou Kyouko wins the poll with 280 votes (25.36%). Akaza Akari is second place with 244 votes (22.1%) and Sugiura Ayano came third with 169 votes (15.31%).

We started the poll when Nachuyachumi+ 01 came out and I purposely excluded Akari in the first few hours because I wanted to find out how many people will notice Akari is missing. After I added Akari to the poll, she quickly went up to second place throughout the year.

2nd Aikatsu! movie by Lazy Lily?


84.51% of the people who voted wants to see Lazy Lily’s version of the movie and 15.49% voted for “nay.”

When the BDs come out, we’re not gonna prioritize fansubbing the movie because we don’t have the manpower and we’re already dedicating whatever resources we have to scanlation. Our fansub version of the movie will come at a later date, so you’re gonna wait a while.

No honorifics only subs or include a honorifics version?

Include a honorifics version.

89.85% of the people who voted prefer to have a honorifics version of our subtitles. Since you want your -chans and senpais, we’ll honor your request. However, there are certain projects that we will not add in honorifics. What that means is if we ever start working on Full Moon wo Sagashite, the releases will not contain an alternate honorifics subtitle track.

Best Romantic Partner for Ran?

Kiriya Aoi

hand_over_shoulder43.59% of the total voters prefer Aoi as Ran’s best romantic partner and 32.48% of the total voters prefer Yurika to be Ran’s partner.

I’m surprised by the results, really. I was expecting Yurika would put up a good fight and while she did on the first few weeks, Aoi slowly took the lead. HAHA!

Last but not the least is…

Is Aoi the most beautiful Aikatsu! idol?


Aoi_being_beautiful100% of the total voters agree Aoi is the most beautiful girl in all of the observable universe. I mean, was there any doubt? Thought so~

Now I know there are people who will call foul (ie the mentally deranged or people with poor taste), I’m gonna make another poll next year and see if Aoi’s success wasn’t a fluke (clearly it wasn’t).

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs