Poll: Best Sakura Trick Girl

Vote for YuzuTime for a monthly poll! The rules are simple: Vote for Yuz—your favorite Sakura Trick girl and by the end of March we will reveal Yuzu wo—might be one of the girls who will win the poll.

Come on, vote for Yuzu!Yuzu needs your votes

Restrictions will apply so that the poll will not be rigged like Yuzu winni—I mean, preventing people from voting multiple times and we will only reveal the results after the voting is over this March.

I know you want to vote for YuzuVote for Yuzu now!

Here are the candidates in alphabetical order:

1.) Yuzu <—VOTE HER NOW!
2.) Haruka
3.) Kaede
4.) Kotone
5.) Mitsuki
6.) Shizuku
7.) Yuu

Lots of great girls in Sakura Trick so choose wisely on who to vote (vote for Yuzu, for example).

Yuzu for President What are you waiting for? Vote for Yuz—I mean, vote for Yuzu!