#02. [Cute] Double Bind Dream (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


Love is in the air and what’s the best way to spend the day? Spend it with yo—*ahem*

That intro didn’t go well…

Instead of hoarding these books to ourselves, we decided to, well, uh, translate them! We translated not one, but two books for Valentines! Oh and we cleaned an art book.

A bit of a disclaimer: Double Bind Dream is the sequel to Double Bind, and sadly we failed to grab a copy at the event last February 1st because either it was sold out or the author yui didn’t include the book. Should you read this book? Yeah, sure. It’s very short and you can consider this a teaser. Oh and if you happen to own a copy of Double Bind, please share us a copy. We want to translate it and see what’s going on with Yurika and Ran. For contact info, please visit this section.

Anyways, have fun, folks!


[Mega] — Double Bind Dream


We’re looking for a Typesetter
Looking for the Aikatsu! doujin “Double Bind”

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— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs