[News] What’s in the box?

A box of goodies arrived and let’s see what’s inside and woe at the fact these will never be scanned and translated.

Unless of course you’re going to help us in the translation department *wink* *wink*

Around a few months back, the folks at 8/u/ were collecting doujinshi for their projects and while they’re at it, I slipped in my list of things to get. Now that they’re physically here with me, let’s take a look at the stuff. Oh and they were nice enough to give me a few goodies to improve my fan-sharing capabilities.

I got myself a sound card, and yes, my computer for around 5-6 years never had a dedicated sound card. The sound card greatly improved the sound quality of the Aikatsu! music we shared for a while, and songs I played a trillion of times felt new. So yay.

And while on the subject of music, I received these rather comfortable velour pads for my ATH M50s. The original pads were okay and very durable, but it did make my ears sweaty after prolonged use. These pads however feels better and my ears didn’t get sweaty. Which is nice.

Yes, they’re very nice.


Next up are these two lovely things. My RAM got bumped to 16 GB and I can multitask smoothly now. Oh didn’t I tell you I’m trying to future-proof my machine by replacing old performing parts. I’m getting there… eventually.

Next up are these rubber keys. What I like about this item is there’s an included key cap puller, so I can now easily pull them off from my (((Razer))) keyboard. Oh and the keys are compatible with Razer’s switches and they feel good. And they’re colored blue. I just love Blue.

Yeah, I know, my keyboard is very dusty.

And that’s it for the new hardware stuff. I don’t really have a second computer for fansubbing stuffs so my planned upgrades are for gaming and daily use as well. Now then, let’s get to the books!

First set. I complained a few times K-Zima (the IchiAo book) has a tendency to write drama-filled stories and her version of Aoi is this emotionally frail girl. The art style is great like a shoujo manga, I can’t seem to like the stories accompanying them. I ended up buying her book since it’s a lewd book and while it sort of delivered, I was let down by the end. I don’t fancy K-Zima’s choice of ships and characters. I don’t think I’ll ever translate this one. The rest of the books pictured are good though, especially the two MadoRin books. Gorgeous art and it’ll please the MadoRin fans.

I was kind of disappointed with MEGA S4 because it felt like it was lazily made with fewer pictures. The art is good though and did you know we scanned Mega Aikatsu 1-2 art books, right? If you’re a fan of Risa, Nono and Mikuru and would love to see them turned into adorable babies, then, we bought a book specifically for that.

The Aoi art book is exquisitely drawn, by the way. The Yurika book is very nice and the author has a habit of making crotch shots. Not that I’m complaining though. The rest are kind of weak anthologies featuring season and amateur artists with varying degrees of quality. Adult MadoRin is great.

The left one is a finely-drawn art book, the center one is a book featuring my favorite ship and the third book… are for people wanting to see Mahiru, Koharu and Yozora make out.

Lastly is this huge book. It’s a complete compilation of Chaos2nd featuring the Sweet Bitter Kiss series and a few more like Ran was hospitalized and crippled because of an accident and Yurika has been visiting her ever since. The book felt like a downgrade though because his other books were larger. This one is roughly the size of a typical pocket boot.

Bonus entry.

This one is not a RanAo book unfortunately. The characters featured in this doujin are Yoshika and Hanamaru from Love Live Sunshine and it’s easy to confuse them for RanAo. Since we don’t do Love Live, I guess I’ll toss it away or something.

So yeah, more books to my collection and the upgrades for my computer is very nice. Want to see these translated? Find us a translator. Kidnap and brainwash them if you must.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs