[News] In light of the shenanigans at Dynasty Scans

According to recent statistics coming out of my ass that is scientifically approved and FDA approved, 99% of our doujin and manga followers read our stuff by downloading them directly from this website. So chances of them caring what’s going on with Lazy Lily and Dynasty Scans is close to nil, but to the rest who do read our stuff from online readers like Dynasty Scans, there is some unfortunately bad news. Due to a recent confrontation with the moderation team of Dynasty Scans, Lazy Lily Fansubs is pulling her translations out in protest.

As of this writing, our Aikatsu-related translations and Sakura Trick translations are still in Dynasty Scans, but the Dynasty team is committed on removing them as soon as humanly possible.

So what happened?


Dynasty Scans has made an official statement regarding the crap that has happened and you can read the stickied posts here or here. The statement regarding Nazi jokes only tell half the story, and while I have some explaining to do, here’s the incomplete archive of the forum that was deleted.

This is 8/u/ Scanlation’s official statement

To break it all down, some mentally unstable transvestite who made such lovely and thought-provoking conversations, threw a hissy fit at 8/u/’s credits page depicting Nazi imagery on one of the group’s recent translations (manga here). This prompted the mods to act by suggesting to remove or replace the credits page containing an icon 8/u/ and another group used for months and years. While the Nazi imagery can be seen as a joke in poor taste, it was just typical chan culture humor not all people can understand or relate to. The rest? It’s up for you to decide.

I’m not gonna defend 8/u/ for their choices of imagery nor I agree or support their views, if ever, on a group of people detaining minorities, the turning point for me was the mods deleting posts defending the stance of the group. That rubbed me off the wrong way and the way they deleted certain posts made it seem that we were in the wrong. I wholly support freedom of expression, the right to defend, and I’m against censorship, and to my eyes, Dynasty Scans has violated all of those. And that’s the only reason why I’m pulling out.

Regarding the ethnic cleansing joke I clearly made? Talk shit, get hit. I’m not gonna sit here (on my admittedly comfy chair) getting pushed around by a brainwashed individual with mutilated body parts who acts more like a Nazi than anyone else.


Nothing. It’s business as usual for Lazy Lily Fansubs and we’re not affected by this at all. We will continue to produce translations, rip music and share art books and people who follow us will just get them from here. With that said, I apologize to everyone who do rely on Dynasty Scans for their Aikatsu! doujinshi and Sakura Trick manga fix. It’s not a complete blackout, though. Dynasty Scans has left an open invitation for us to return. We will, in time.

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs