[News] Aikatsu! stuff in C92 Natsu Komi

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Get a translator to work for us. :^)

If you’re wondering where the hell are the new doujins we promised to get, well, we have them more or less. Especially pics related. And since Comiket 92 is just around the corner… You already probably guessed the point of this post.

Hey, add triple parenthesis and call me (((SHiN))) all you want, but there’s no real way for us to get funds. This third-world loser who runs the only group dedicated to Aikatsu! doujinshi material is entirely dependent on donations. I’m thinking of putting up a Patreon and get the group funded monthly, but I’m still reluctant because we’re technically pirates. Yeah, I know, it sucks the only group who cares enough to spend time translating Aikatsu! doujinshi happens to be the poorest out there.

But anyway, yeah, got some dosh? Toss a few pennies our way and we’ll make use of them. C92 is coming and there are new books coming and we’ll try to get some of the new books once we get enough… financial persuasion. Currently the funds gets siphoned to other things like funding our CD ripping projects and setting aside an amount to pay for our website fees in 2018.

As for content providing, yeah, we’re still struggling to find a translator to work on our doujins. Once we have a translator, we’ll prioritize certain books like Sweet Bitter Kiss, the final chapter of Double Bind, the final chapter of Rainy Day or finish the Rola doujin(s) (pic related above), or continue on with this RanAo book.

So… yeah, please help us find a translator. ;_;7

β€”SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs