[News] A few more Aikatsu! doujins have arrived!

We got new books! These are not recent purchases, so it’s from the previous doujin request a few months ago. This time around we picked up more Aikatsu Stars! books and the MVP doujin is clearly Little Heart Rifle. Our Stars lineup is still very small, but we’re getting there. For the OG Aikatsu!, we got the 3rd book of nae’s Secret x Secret series.

If you’re wondering why there are so little books this time, that’s because we found nothing else in second hand bookstores and I’m not sure about the quality of the rest. We’re not gonna pick up non-yuri books to fill any void. If you want hetero stories, there are many groups that are happy to translate them. So yeah, more books that you will never read in their translated form. I’m not saying I’m not gonna share these books, it’s just we don’t have the means to translate them properly.

Do you want to make Lazy Lily motivated, acquire more books and keep us running in the foreseeable future? And have access to the 6000px version of this book? Consider donating. Maybe we can ask a couple of talented people for a fee, if you do.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs