New to the Aikatsu! show?

Aikatsu! OP2 TitleDid I tell you the movie isn’t a standalone experience? I didn’t…? Uh… Whoops.

The movie took place around Season 3, but it’s still watchable to folks who stopped at Season 2. I wouldn’t recommend you watch the movie if you’re still in Season 1 and is still half-way done with Season 2 because the movie mentioned certain events that are central to S2’s story.

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But what is this Eyecut—I mean—“Aikatsu!”?

Aikatsu!, short for “Idol Activity” is a current-running idol show that is based on a card game of the same name. The anime focuses on a group of girls and their idol activities, and do daily stuff like training, meeting friends, face hardships, pour their love to being idols through singing and dancing… more or less… Basically it’s a show about cute idols doing cute idol-ey things without floating furry animal companions like you see in most kids show like PirPara and JewelPet Tinkle. If you’re into idol anime and wish not to experience themes like scandals, conflict between characters, drama and short run times, Aikatsu! will give you the most lighthearted and comfy experience.

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Interested? Skeptical? 150+ episodes too overwhelming? Should you really watch it? Well, uh, yes. I recommend you give the show a try by watching at least 5-6 episodes of it. The CGI weren’t really good in the first half of S1, so please don’t get discouraged and fear you’ll get nightmares about Barbie dolls stabbing you in the face. But seriously, once you do give in to the comfy levels of the show, I guarantee you’re in one hell of a good ride… Until you hit some bumpy roads and pot holes in Season 2.

Where to start? Certainly not here because Lazy Lily didn’t fansub the TV series. Mezashite Fansubs are currently the active group who fansubs the anime, so you start here, or more specifically here.

And, uh, yeah, that’s it. If you got some questions about the show, please post them in the comments section below… or something.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs