New Polls and Future Projects


I’ve put up several polls and think of them as a way for Lazy Lily to know your opinions about the projects we listed. Do you really want us to do X project or you prefer we ditch the idea because some other group can do a better job?


Full Moon wo Sagashite — This project has been in moth balls for quite some time now, but we’re certain 2015 is the best time for us to really work on it. In case you didn’t know, there are already several groups that are working on Full Moon, so in order for Lazy Lily to stand out, we’re going to translate from scratch. As in Lazy Lily will make original translations for Full Moon. The probable downside of this is subs may take longer to finish whereas re-editing/re-QC’ing the afk subs is much quicker since everything were already timed and, well, translated. You want original subs or prefer we re-edit the afk subs? Please cast your votes.

Aikatsu! The Movie — I want to make this very clear, there is only ONE REASON why Lazy Lily is fansubbing the movie: I, SHiN, would love to experience working with Kiriya Aoi. That’s it. That’s the honest truth. I just want to fansub something with Aoi in it. And so that I can die as a happy individual. Are we capable of fansubbing an idol show of this caliber? Well, the answer is “yes” and we will prove it by showing you how we are going to handle Full Moon wo Sagashite, a 50 episode idol show. Or you can check our recent work and see how good we are. And besides, no group has exclusive rights to fansub any show. It’s a free-for-all. Do you want to see us translate the movie? Yes? No? Please cast your votes.

Hanayamata BD rip version — As you know, we didn’t finish Hanayamata and the plan was to continue on using the Blu-ray rips. Do you want us to finish Hanayamata or you want us to drop it and do something else? Please cast your votes.

Sakura Trick BD rip version — I have all episodes encoded, but the scripts needs re-checking and fix some typesetting errors or update some of them. Do you want us to release a BD version of Sakura Trick or you want us to focus more on the Sakura Trick manga instead? Please cast your votes.

Kiriya Aoi, the most beautiful idol in Aikatsu! — Is Aoi the most beautiful? Yes? Yes? Or Yes? Please cast your votes.

We will keep the polls up for 2-3 months to get as many votes as possible.

Questions? Violent reactions? Please leave a comment below.

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs