New equipment, monetary support, and Jazzkatsu!


Do you guys still remember Mega-Aikatsu2? Pictured above (DAT TINY PANTY SHOT THO HOLY SHIT) is from Mega Aikatsu1, and we’re planning to share this art book very soon. Normally I share an art book together with a doujinshi translation, but there’s a chance I’ll solo release this one.


You like art books, right?

Now then, this is clearly a solicitation post and I’m not gonna hide that fact. If you’re interested in helping me out, please read on.



We bought a fan-made music compilation titled Jazzkatsu (pictured above) and we were supposed to share the CD to, well, everyone who are following Lazy Lily Fansubs. Unfortunately, the optical drive of my comrade’s laptop in Japan died, so were unable to rip Jazzkatsu! and share it to you. The obvious solution to this problem is to buy an external optical drive and be on our merry way, but I still owe my comrade a few hundred dollars. I don’t want to add more to my already huge bill, so I’m seeking your help to donate some money to buy a disc drive and rip Jazzkatsu.


If we get around 30 USD worth of donations, we’ll buy a generic DVD disc drive. If we get 50+ USD worth of donations, we’ll buy a BD disc drive.


Why a BD disc drive? For future projects, I suppose. We can’t really rip any blu-ray without one. Regardless, having a functional disc drive will ensure future Aikatsu! music rip releases.

As I’ve mentioned several times, we have a patron who sends us the music rips, but there will be an instance they won’t be able to provide the rips. If such an event happens, we’ll be ready.

If you’re curious about the contents of Jazzkatsu, please check out some of the samples the artists provided.



Go here for additional details.

Event 11 is two weeks away (November 20), and as usual, we want to buy more doujinshi. That’s it. We don’t know what books are coming (for now), but I’m very sure we’ll see a lot of Aikatsu Stars!-related doujinshi. We’re planning to buy this and this, by the way.


Buying doujinshi in bulk is very expensive and we rely mostly on donations to make this happen. And while we are getting donations from time to time, I don’t think we’ll get enough money to afford buying new books. Amount? Any amount will do. Quite frankly we need 200+ USD (140 USD for the books and 30-60 USD for the shipping). I added a counter on the top right side bar so you’ll know how much donations we’re getting.


I still owe my comrade a lot of money and I’m slowly sending a few bucks every chance I get. Once I fully paid them, they will send the books I bought a few months ago. Yeah, we’re very close friends and they’re okay with the idea of buying stuff now and pay later.

So I guess that’s it. I wrote this post at 3 AM, so please excuse its abruptness. If you wish to talk to me in real time regarding donations and doujinshi, you can find me in our official Discord server. More info here.

Please donate. ;_;7

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs