New Doujinshi! (11-23-16)


Thanks to your generous donations, I have managed to buy more Aikatsu books! Books that you will NEVER EVER get to see. Yay! More on that later.

Event 11 has come and gone and we were blessed by a lot of good books arriving in store shelves. Pictured above is batch 1 out of 2.5 batches and I will make another post once the rest arrives. And we also bought some digital goods along the way. If you’re curious about these books, and why I said NEVER EVER, please read on. Jazzkatsu ~Live at Dream Academy~ will arrive tomorrow, by the way.

Secret Winter — Hoshimiya Ichigo and Kiriya Aoi Anthology

If my memory serves me correctly, this is the 3rd anthology book featuring IchiAo and this one is around 96 pages. Anthologies are book compilations featuring multiple stories by different authors. I’ve seen a few teaser pages and I gotta say they’re very good. I’m sure there are text-only stories, but from what I know, text-only stories are few.

Emy (MadoRin)

It’s, well, a MadoRin on a date doujin. There’s nothing much else to say other than Rin is dressed like Michael Jackson.

Kimochi wa nai kedo kimochii (multiple pairings)

Roughly translates to “There’s no love to it, but it feels good”, this book is a 122-page anthology featuring odd pairings like KaeRan, AoSora, AoAka, AoYuri, etc. in very awkward situations. And as the title suggests, the story is about lust, rather than love. Interesting. Yeah, they really love Aoi getting it on with many girls.

happy summer xxx (RanAo)

Don’t ask me why Nae-san isn’t making Secret x Secret 3, but this book is, well, about Ran and Aoi doing the secks.

Tomorrow’s schedule (RanAo)

Another RanAo book because why the fuck not?

Ichigo-chan ga chotto ijiware na hi (IchiAo)


“The day when Ichigo teased me (Aoi)”? Short but sweet IchiAo lewd book.

Kimi wa Itoshi Daimond (KaeYuri)


“You are a Precious Diamond” is a cute KaeYuri doujin that took place after Yurika replaced Ran as Tristar member. I got this doujin for free because it was Kaede’s birthday (Nov. 23). What sucks is the scans are low resolution.

Yuzu, kankeri ga shitai zo!! (S4)


“I (Yuzu) want/wants to play kick the can!!”  I’m still figuring out how to adapt Yuzu’s “zo”, but anyway, this is one of the few Aikatsu Stars! doujinshi I own and it’s very cute. Drawback? Scans are around 1400+px height. I can get 4000px doujins for 120 Yen and this cost me 400 Yen.

Tekubi o kitta no wa watashi desu


“It was me who slit my wrist.” Probably the most edgiest doujinshi I encountered. I initially avoided buying this one because I don’t want to see emo-Aoi, but a part of me was optimistic. I regretted it and the scan quality is utter shite. Seriously, just look at it. And a goddamn shame too because the art style is very good.

Idol wa Renshuu ga Inochi!


“Practicing is the life of an idol!” A play on “Cards are the Life of an Idol!!” motto, this doujin features Rola x Mahiru. Gee, I wonder what were they practicing… Doujin is short and sweet.


You know, I do plan to dedicate 2017 for Aoi and name it, like, I dunno, “Year of Aoi” or something. For the past year I have amassed a good amount of Aoi-centric doujinshi and they will be my top priority once I have them in my possession (you do know the books are still with my friend in Japan, right?). What that means is you won’t see some of these books because we average one book a month. Without a 2nd translator, all you are seeing next year are Aoi-centric books. Do you want that? Of course not and that’s why I need more people, especially translators to help me produce more translations per month.

Another potential option is sharing the scans to other scanlation groups, but it’ll be hard since Lazy Lily Fansubs is the only active group dedicated in Aikatsu! doujinshi translation. It’s great to be number one, but it sucks to be the only one. I need to grab them by the pussy, or something.

If you’re interested in helping and not vanish a few weeks later, please leave a comment, email me, send a tweet, or drop by our Discord server.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs