New Aikatsu! Doujinshi has just arrived (12-08-16)!!!

>mfw all these RanAo doujins

I managed to ship half of my stuff from Japan and aside from a few disappointments, the books I got are great… ESPECIALLY THE RANAO LEWDS!

I’m gonna post all of them and I’ll warn you that this post contain some lewd and het doujins. If you’re a yurifag, well, tread carefully. But to be fair though, there are only two het doujins and you can always learn to ignore and tolerate. I hope you’re not a “tolerable liberal.” So, right, here are the stuff I got!

Oh and I apologize for the poor lighting. I’m not exactly a professional photographer.

They’re here and they’re very good in quality. I was surprised actually. Setting them up was a pain because the joints are still fresh. They’re very hard to move and I gotta be carefully because I might end up breaking them.

Now I have to buy a glass case for display. I really don’t want dust and other dirt on these babies.

 Limited edition tickets for the Aikatsu Stars! movie. I think this was 5800 yen and I bought this mainly because of that RanAo embrace. No, I’m not shitting you. That’s LITERALLY the reason why I bought this ticket.

Will I scan and share this? Hmm… Mebe.

Or mebe not.

Now then, time for the doujins I got!

Literally titled Shark Activities. It’s funny as hell, but also wordy as hell. I think I’m gonna need a lot of help if I’m going to translate this one.

My first ever YuzuLily doujin and it’s cute from what it’s worth. Don’t get me wrong, I like this one.

I don’t fully understood the story, but for some reason the entire school are in a dildo-orgy fest. It’s 100% yuri, but I don’t think this is worth more than 500 yen.

Bought this on a whim because I do like the author’s art style and their way of doing the lewd. The art style and effort are surprisingly in very high quality. It’s het, yeah.

By the way, we’re not a het translation group, so don’t ever expect us to translate this, or share this to sadpanda. Just wait for some sorry sod to buy their own copy and pray he’s nice enough to rip and scan it.

I’ll be avoiding this artist for a while. The story is indeed yuri-ish, but the date story is ruined because the author decided to put in a random character out of nowhere. It’s K-Zima-tier kind of asspull. Cute art and story, though.

This is an instant favorite and I might translate this for June 2017 as a June Bride Special or something. Aside from the great art style, the girls from the Aikatsu Stars! universe joined in for more extra fun. I mean…

It’s Lily and Yurika together!

Yes, I can confirm Sweet Bitter Kiss ends in part 5. Yeah, this is a very lengthy series of Ran realizing that she’s actually a lesbian. Oh and…

Mad Maria is mad.

Sequel to Rainy day. It’s lengthy thanks to 3 guest artists and to my disappointed, NOTO-san decided to get rid of the lewd status.

A Mizuki x Mikuru book by NOTO-san. It’s short and lewd. There’s nothing much else to say other than she could have sold this digitally. Oh well…

The author Nae’s other works is Secret x Secret. The, you know, RanAo book. Part 3 probably never. ;_;7

I’m a casual Kaiji-fan so seeing this made me laugh. I might consider contacting the folks who translated the Kaiji manga for a collaboration project. I can’t really do it myself because the dialogue is too complex and I want them to translate this for that authentic Kaiji translation.

I need to look up who actually did the Kaiji manga…

A cute HinaJuri book without the drama.

This doujin was made available for free in pixiv during Mizuki (or was it Mikuru’s) birthday. Sadly, the author only provided low resolution pages. Cute and lewd.

Another lewd book by Nae. So yeah, I don’t think we’ll see Secret x Secret 3 any time soon. :V

I paid 45 USD for this preview book. I’m not buying any of his books ever again and I mean that because if he decides to put the full version in Tora and Melon, someone will definitely buy them and put them in Sadpanda. And yeah, that’s also the reason why I really don’t buy het books because if I want to shlick, I’d wait in Sadpanda.

Pure unadulterated lewd, this is my favorite book so far. Beautiful art and very lewd RanAo book.

What if Aoi has x-ray vision? You get this book.

I’ve been looking for this book for a year now and it’s worth it. It’s a cute Soleil/OT3 book. Nothing lewd.

It’s one of those Ichigo-is-in-America-and-Aoi-is-trying-to-cope stories. Lengthy and the art is nice.

If you want zany adventures with Juri, Rin and Madoka with Risa and Nono tagging along, then this doujin will make you happy.

Short and cute YumeRola doujin. This should have been sold digitally. It’s too short.

Ran hates her weighing scale.

Last but certainly not the least is this! Basically it’s a collection of story involving the girls having sex with other girls (AoiSora, AoiYuri, etc.). It’s very lengthy book and I need an experienced LN translator to help me out in the text-only stories.


And these are the new stuff that arrived at my doorstep. There will be more to come, but I need some funds to pay off my huge debt first. I currently owe him a few hundred bucks, so if you’re willing to help me, please donate any amount.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs