New Aikatsu! doujinshi (a few more coming)


This is a limited edition movie ticket (size A4) for the upcoming movie. It’s good for 2-3 adults and 2 children, if I recall correctly. I didn’t buy this because I want to see the movie in a theater (I need to be in Japan in order to do that), I bought this because of that delicious RanAo pose, and the eventual smugness that I have something the majority of fans don’t. Oh and this will be my desktop new wallpaper… once I physically have it.


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Anyway, as I mentioned numerous times before, we didn’t physically go to Event 10, so we’re waiting for these artists to put some of their stuff online. As of now we got 8 books from Melon (pictured above). We ordered a lot more, but… here’s the most annoying part of buying books from these stores: Availability and time.

What I mean is, not all artists publish their books at the same time as the others. For instance, an artist decide to publish their books on Monday, while the other one publishes their work next week Thursday, or they put their books on pre-order and have them released next month. The problem is we’re burning money on excessive shipping fees since these stores doesn’t want to put orders from multiple dates and reserve them for one delivery. We don’t want to wait for the other books to come out because the current ones may sell out and we have to wait again for a restock.

We got a few more orders and waiting for them to be shipped to my friend in Japan, and we’re also monitoring other stores for the other books and used books. I’m planning to increase the amount of lewd books in my possession, because we really don’t have that many to share. The challenge for this is Aikatsu! lewd yuri books are extremely rare.

Oh yeah…

NatsuComi is coming this August, I think, so shit, we have to wait a little longer for new books to show up (waiting for Secret x Secret 3). Also there’s a another Girls Love Festival coming. NOTO-san didn’t publish her original manga last June, so I hope it’ll show up this time.

It feels like this is the typical life of a doujinshi collector who couldn’t go to events directly. It’s an expensive and tiresome waiting game.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily


I will make a proper recruitment post as soon as we acquired the source files of an OVA.