New Aikatsu! Doujinshi! (11-26-16) and Recruiting Woes


The HinaJuri and YuzuLily are the last books we ordered. There’s really nothing much to say other than they focus on specific pairs.

Bear with me here, how do I convince a translator to join our merry ranks? No, seriously, how do I get more people to help? I’ve been desperately trying to find additional staff for almost two years and obviously I’m doing this wrong here. And I’m increasingly worried we’ll cut our doujinshi translation in half (6 books instead of 12+ books a year) because I have to make room for Sakura Trick manga.

It’s hard being the only group dedicated to Aikatsu! doujinshi translations. Yeah, it’s more of a negative than a positive.


Two boxes full of Aikatsu! goods. Will be three boxes once I get the books from my friend.

Here’s a fun fact: For every translation we make, we get 4-5 more doujinshi. And here’s another fun fact: We randomly select a book 80% of the time.

Producing 1 doujinshi translation per month isn’t really a good thing. What are my other options? Share these scans online and cross my fingers for some random group to translate them? Well, I’m not interested in wasting my time scanning these books and see it rot online because no one wants them. Find a group who is interested? That’s a good idea, but so far no one contacted me for a collaboration, or sent a request to scan a book of their choice.


An ultra-rare AzuSumi book.

So yeah, I’m very worried when 2017 rolls out. I really want Lazy Lily Fansubs to be the number 1 source of Aikatsu! doujinshi translations, but these problems are preventing me in doing that. I will eventually reach my goal to be numero uno, but at this pace and the constant stream of new books, it will me take a decade.

I’m doing something wrong here, but I’m not sure what.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs