New Aikatsu! Doujinshi! (11-24-16)



Aside from the YuzuLily and HinaJuri (featuring S4) doujin, these are the last of the current batch. And come to think of it, this is the smallest batch of books I bought. Obviously the reason for that is we stopped going to events directly, few books showing up in Tora and Melon, and slow or no donations. Of course I’m checking out the used bookstores for random rare books (like this one on the right), but my frequency to buy is limited to the funds I receive.

I’ll remind you again that while I indeed bought these books, they’re still in Japan with my friend. Since I owe like $400+, I won’t be seeing this books for a while. Thankfully, he agreed to send half of my loot (books of my choice) if I pay him back 50% plus shipping. Basically, if you wanna help me, there’s that donate button just above that cute Aoi on the right sidebar. *wink wink*

Right then!

Chocolat Gothic (RanYuri)

I’m not completely sure what the contents are, but it looks like a magazine-like art book featuring the Aikatsu! idols in a Victorian, steampunk fantasy setting. I don’t think this is a full-blown manga.

Daisuki! Natsuki Mikuru – Sexy to Mikuru

“I love you, Natsuki Mikuru! – Sexy and Mikuru.” More or less. I think this is a harem like story featuring Mikuru and the 4 sexy type idols Mizuki, Sora, Nono and Risa.

Watashi wa Shinyuu ni Koi wo suru (NonoRisa)

“I’m falling in love with my best friend.” A NonoRisa doujin and actually this is my first and only(?) NonoRisa book.


“Shark Activities!/Shark-katsu!” Heard of Sharknado?

Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Dream Academy~

See this post.

Lemony Lip Lovers (KaeYuri)


I got the digital version and man, Ichico-san’s art is exquisite as ever. Very, very sweet KaeYuri story.

I will probably make a post about the last two doujinshi, but I think I’ll just post them on our Discord server or on my Twitter.

That’s it. Wanna help me with the translations? :V

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily