Move to higher resolutions?

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It wouldn’t be long for everyone on this spinning round planet to adapt UHD, so this got me thinking: “We scan our own doujins, and we have full control over the final output, so why not provide higher resolution doujins?”

I’m not really an expert in what page resolution be the new standard (is there one to begin with?), but I don’t mind bumping our usual 2000px releases to 3000px, or even higher. Though, what do you guys think? Should we provide 3000px doujins from now on, or stick with 2000px? Or provide “future proof” versions with, say, 6000px pages? This will significantly increase the sizes of our releases and it may be a bit tedious to create compact versions like creating MP3 versions of every FLAC version we share.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


I’d be lying if I didn’t think of the idea sharing the 6000px versions exclusively to generous patrons. We really need a decent stream of funds.


We’re still looking for translators for our Sakura Trick and Aikatsu!. ;_;