Mia REGINA – YES or NOstalgic!!! is OUT!!!

Oh yeah! Lazy Lily is sharing something that is not Aikatsu!

We thought the album YES or NOstalgic!!! was very great, so, well, uh, we thought it’d be great to share it with everyone! Why Mia REGINA of all groups though?

…technically Mia REGINA is Aikatsu! because the three members are none other than Fuuri, Waka and Risuko, the very same lovely ladies who did the singing voices of Aoi, Ichigo and Mizuki respectively. Mia REGINA is a fairly new group and has already made singles for anime shows like Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai and Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi. Full list here. Oh and fun fact, they will be doing the ED theme for the upcoming anime adaptation of Citrus.

So yeah, have fun, folks!

Big thanks as always to our supporter naru for introducing Mia REGINA to Lazy Lily!


[Torrent] — YES or NOstalgic!!! [M4A]

[Mega] — YES or NOstalgic!!! [M4A]

Yeah, the files are in M4A because, well, we didn’t personally rip the songs. We bought this from Recochoku.jp (link will take you to the store page) and it’s stupid to re-encode the already lossy audio. The lossless version isn’t available yet as of this writing, so if you want it, please buy it directly from the store when it comes out. If you want physical, then go here. Buying their songs gives them support and as Aikatsu! fans, these ladies are one of the reasons why we love Aoi, Ichigo and Mizuki.


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