Manga Status and Donations

Haruka_PeasantChapter 8 will be done within this week. The script is more or less complete, the pages of chapter 8 are cleaned, so it’s just a matter of slapping the script onto the pages. I know, we’re still catching up with the anime, but we will triumph in the end because the manga is still ongoing!

On a related note, we’re thinking of acquiring the rest of the volumes by purchasing the physical copies. That way we have full control over the raws. In order for us to achieve this is we are going to need your support. If you have some spare change and are in the mood to help, please donate any amount. Factoring in shipping, this is a significant cost considering we aren’t very wealthy.

As stated previously, we are going to continue on with Sakura Trick. This will be a way for us to more consistently keep up with the manga and rely less on outside help. In case you didn’t know, Sakura Trick is our very first manga project and we will see it through, without fail.

Thank you.

—Lazy Lily Fansubs