/aikatsu/ is my own “brand” and it died long ago, and I wish to revive it and make it great again.

The loud liberal minority of /u/ abandoned Aikats/u/ threads with their incessant crying of het crimes and almost anything an extreme Left would say, really. I am officially leaving the threads because no matter how much stuff we put out, the threads are dead. Doujinshi translations? Nope. Episode discussions? Nada. Music rips? Zilch.

I want to increase doujinshi output and we are desperately desperate in need of a translator. We already have 2 capable cleaners and having a 2nd translator will double or even triple our monthly doujinshi output. I can’t do this alone, folks. Please join me and together we can Make /aikatsu/ Great Again!


For more info, please go here.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs