Looking for Translators, Editors, Cleaners, Typesetters and Scan/Raw Providers for Major Projects

[Lazy Lily] Aikatsu! Music Awards [Raw].m2ts_snapshot_15.50_[2016.08.15_00.43.23]

While we’re comfortable with doujinshi and manga translation, we’d like to go back to our fansubbing roots and translate some shows (or at least OVAs and movies). In order for us to do that, we need experienced people to help. This will be perhaps a long post, so if you’re interested in scanlation, fansubbing, raw providing, and editing, please continue reading.

We really like to revive our old projects, especially that idol anime that involves love and death.


[SHiN-gx] Full Moon wo Sagashite - 01 [DVD][704x480 AR h.264 AAC][F4CBF36A].mkv_snapshot_20.06_[2016.08.15_02.01.22]

We’re looking for a Translator, Editor and Typesetter for the DVD remaster version of Full Moon wo Sagashite. We don’t want to re-edit a.f.k.’s translation because I want the translations to be 100% original.  Currently there are various websites that analyzed the anime, so we have material to use as reference and an edge over a.f.k. when translating. Theoretically.

  • We need to start very soon by completing the first half (25-26 episodes) before Lazy Lily Fansubs’s 10th year of fansubbing on July 14, 2017. Yeah, I intend to release the first half of Full Moon wo Sagashite DVD as an anniversary special of sort.
  • People applying for any position must be a natural fan of idol anime and kids anime because Full Moon is both. The first half is mostly consist of story-irrelevant filler episodes and stories that were made for kids in mind.
  • We will not allow honorifics, TL notes, stylized and animated karaoke, and any other fansubbing tropes/staples for this project. We’ll aim for an almost professionally made translations of Full Moon.

For more info about Full Moon wo Sagashite, please check out various sources like MAL, ANN, and Wikipedia. For the anime, you can download the a.f.k. version at Nyaa or even at BakaBT.

If you’re curious, we made an attempt a few years ago. Go here for the translation of episode 1.


[Lazy Lily] Aikatsu! Music Awards [Raw].m2ts_snapshot_16.14_[2016.08.15_01.35.39]

We’re looking a dedicated translator for the two Aikatsu! movies namely “Aikatsu! Music Awards”, and “Aikatsu Stars! Movie”

Aikatsu! Music Awards — was released a few months ago and we didn’t get to translate because the translator left. The biggest challenge is to properly translate a ton of songs to make them, well, sound like actual song lyrics. Poetry is probably your biggest challenge here.

Aikatsu Stars! the Movie — isn’t out until next year, but we need to secure a crew and be prepared.


[ShiggEz] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F - OVA (BD 1280x720 x264 10bit FLAC) [29FD8FD9].mkv_snapshot_10.49_[2016.08.16_23.21.15]

We’d like to get back to general fansubbing and since Crunchyroll is providing the translations, I would like to have a translator and work on low profile anime series or even OVAs. I’m not really nitpicking (no BL stuff though), so I’m willing to provide the encodes and script timing of any projects you or I pick. Preferably OVAs and movies though.

Right now we really need a translator and typesetter for Haiyore! Nyaruko-san OVA F so we can finally complete the OVA trilogy. We translated the first two OVAs, FYI.



We eventually bought the Aikatsu! Secret Story tank and released the first chapter, but we still don’t have the Pucchigumi Aikatsu! manga scans (pictured above). We need the scans, so if you have them, please share them!

As for the doujinshi scans, you can support Lazy Lily Fansubs by donating money, so we can buy more books. Alternatively…

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If you have a copy of Aikatsu! doujinshi that has no public raws available, please consider sharing them with us. We may have the same books, but if you’re willing to rip, tear and destroy them to save us the trouble of doing it ourselves, that’d be a great help. Please be reminded that you need to learn how to properly rip the pages off the spine and you need a competent scanner. Otherwise your ripped pages will be wasted and you’ll end up with unused damaged goods.

The benefits of sending us your scans? We’ll prioritize translating your doujinshi. Provided the doujinshi you sent is yuri and no heterosexual romance. We’re strictly yuri when it comes to Aikatsu! doujinshi translations.


  • Translators must be experienced in fansubbing and is good at English
  • Editors must be experienced and has a bit of knowledge of Japanese
  • Typesetters must know how to operate mocha or any motion-syncing software
  • Raw providers must be experienced and know how to rip and scan
  • Love working idol and kids anime

If you got any questions, please leave a comment below or send me and email here.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs