Looking for Aikatsu! Manga Scans

Commissioner_AoiC-Cuff me, Commish~!

Yep, we need raws and we need your help!

Lazy Lily will eventually venture out of fan-fiction and translate the official manga, so…! We’re looking for Pucchigumi Aikatsu! manga scans and the “Aikatsu! – Secret Story” for us to use. Secret Story mainly focuses on Ichigo’s adventures in America, and obviously we want to know what she did in the Land of the Bur—Free. Store page here.

Currently we’re flat out broke after spending a lot of money from the July 11 event (plus 8 more books), so we can’t buy our own manga and so getting the scans (if available) would be very nice and inexpensive. However! If you knew all the crap I’ve been through, I will, sadly, refuse to accept scans from sources I think are, well, how do I put this… scans from sources we think can give a bad vibe.

If you happen to have some scans, please share it with us! Please a leave a comment here or contact us via email!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


We acquired the Secret Story manga. We still need scans for the Pucchigumi ones, though.