[Lewd] Sore dakara watashi wa henshin dekinai (Flip Flappers) is OUT!!!

Oh hey! I bet you didn’t see this coming! Yep, Lazy Lily Fansubs actually translated a doujin that is not Aikatsu!…!

A couple of seasons ago I rarely watched anything except Aikatsu Stars and Flip Flappers, so naturally I’m interested in FliFla’s doujins. I’m not really sure why I rarely watch anime even though there were a lot of yuri-centric ones. Maybe I’m just too busy or I’m looking for a one-of-a-kind show, like, well, Flip Flappers. Please do check out the show, I highly recommend Flip Flappers.

Anyway, Lazy Lily teamed up with the folks at 8/u/ Scanlations to bring you the arguably the first ever English translated Flip Flappers doujin! This took a while to complete and I hope you’ll like what’s inside.

This book was made by Ayanero who is apparently a huge Madoka Magica fan and I can see why he picked up Flip Flappers to lewd-ify. The doujin itself is mostly spoiler-free so you can safely read this if you didn’t watch the anime. The story takes place around before episode 5 (I think) where Cocona and Papika exploring a Pure Illusion in search of those mysterious fragments. Along the way they encountered Yayaka and the Twins who are also looking for the fragments, or the amorphous, as they call it.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy our first ever non-Aikatsu! doujin translation! (Technically we worked on this, though we didn’t translate it.)


Name: Ayanero Taicho aka Ayane
Circle/Group: Nedaore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AYANEro_taicho
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2911523
Store page(s): [Melon]


[Mega] Sore dakara watashi wa henshin dekinai (Flip Flappers)


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