#06-07. [Lewd] Rainy Day & Chocolatier (Aikatsu!) are OUT!!!

Rainy x ChocoYou voted for IchiMizu, you’ll get IchiMizu.

Here they are! Yes, two IchiMizu doujinshi for you! Why? B-Because…! *ahem* We were busy last month, so unfortunately we didn’t have the spare time to work on an Aikatsu! doujin. To not break our monthly doujinshi schedule, we released two doujinshi for July. Before we get to the actual stuff, I’m pretty sure the only people interested in these books are Aikatsu! fans and chances are you have already seen the movie. If you haven’t (are you out of your mind?), prepare for some movie spoilers.

The Aikatsu! movie is one big IchiMizu story (with confirmed ships) and what’s the best doujin to read after watching the movie? Lewd IchiMizu doujins of course! NOTO the lady behind these lovely pieces of work made three lewd self-contained IchiMizu stories. You can pretty much read them in any order, but we highly recommend you start with Rainy Day and then Chocolatier. Also they’re the only IchiMizu doujinshi we currently have, so we really didn’t have any choice. They’re not that long, but, you know, they’re short but sweet.

And, uh, wait, hear me out for a bit! If you don’t wanna read this paragraph, go scroll down for the links. Something awkward happened the other day and I quite honestly panicked. NOTO, the author of these books happened to check out my Twitter feeds after I retweeted her latest IchiMizu art. I almost lost my marbles and I was like “UH OH” when retweeted my translation status page. To my surprise NOTO didn’t, well, actually she was sorta flattered her book got a translation, even planned to follow me back (but can’t because she can’t understand English), and even wondered if it was time for her to make a sequel to Rainy Day.  She is pretty chill when we had a brief exchange.

Roite. Read on!


Name: NOTO
Circle/Group: Furanki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NOTO333
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1338496
Store pages: [Rainy Day], [Chocolatier], [Chocolatier (DLsite)], [Eclipse]

NOTO is a very big fan of Kanzaki Mizuki and has made several books featuring the top idol.

RAINY DAYRainy_day_previewNo specific timeline, but our guess is it took place somewhere mid-S1.

CHOCOLATIERChocolatier_previewThe story took place after the movie and, uh, nothing much else to say other than this story, as of this release, is currently “out of season”. If you went “…what?” after seeing a particular scene, don’t worry, we felt the same way.

ECLIPSE51339501_p0Currently the latest lewd IchiMizu story, and… What’s that? Where’s the download link? Unfortunately we didn’t translate this one… yet. Thankfully we already bought a copy during the July 11th event, but the loot is not with me. It’s currently with my comrade in Japan and he’ll ship the goods once I fully paid him *ahem*you can speed up the process by chipping in any amount*ahem*. If you want to see preview pages of Eclipse, go have fun. Or if you’re impatient, go buy her book!

Anyways, to the downl—What’s that? Where’s the monthly art books? Go here and figure it out. ;_;7

To the downloads!


[Mega] — Rainy Day
[Mega] — Chocolatier

Well, what do you think of our Aikatsu! doujinshi translation picks for far? Good? You won’t see these anywhere but here (for now) and we carefully picked the best ones or the ones we think are good for you to read and for, uh, you know, for self-gratification.

Right. Have fun, folks! Please look forward to our next doujinshi project!


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