Lewd or Not Lewd?

Aoi x Ichi x RanWe are thinking of translating a doujin for Aikatsu!. No, we’re not going to translate the new stuff coming from this year’s Comiket (thought it’d be nice to go there and pick some items up or send us some stuff to work on in the future). We’re going to translate some select doujins that were not acquired (I hope) by other scanlation groups. What type of lewd content we’re going for? Read our group name: Lazy Lily. And it involves the three main girls from the show. Psst. Psst! It’s extremely lewd.

Looking at our current situation, we may only translate one doujin. To make things interesting, we’ve set up a simple poll and vote whether you want us to go lewd or go not lewd. If we get a tie, we’ll do, uh, darn, do both. As of right now we picked two doujins to work on, but feel free to give out suggestions. Remember: the doujins you pick must be easily available and must be pure yuri in nature. Some doujins are pretty hard to find in the internet unless we fork out some dosh.

Cast your votes now!

If you’re wondering, no, this is not a monetary request from someone. It’s purely on us. Would be nice to toss in a few bucks though!

Lazy Lily