[Lewd] Kokoro no Doukasen – Extra (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

NOTO-Extra-TeaserFirst ever English-translated Sumire x Akari doujinshi?

Probably, but I think this doesn’t count since we only translated the extra or guest pages of the doujinshi Kokoro no Doukasen or My Heart’s Fuse. Why didn’t we translate the entire thing? Because we’re still working on Allegro Break, and we don’t have a spare translator and cleaner to work on it, and we wanted to give you something for Halloween. Yes, this story is Halloween-related.

Since this is just an extra, story is bare bones and NOTO-san isn’t really someone who makes wordy stories. Not saying that’s a bad thing! NOTO-san is more on the visual side and lets, well, action speak for itself… Something like that.

If you wanna help Lazy Lily clean and translate this, that’d be great!

Oh and Happy Halloween, everyone!


[Mega] — Kokoro no Doukasen – Extra (SumiAka)


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