#01. [Lewd] Aru Asa no IchiAo-chan. is OUT!!!

Do you still remember that “lewd or not lewd” poll we put up a few months ago? We looked at the votes and what you see here is, more or less, the result. The poll received a total of 187 votes and 131 (73%) of those voters wanted to see “Lewd”. You asked for lewd, so here is your lewd!

This doujin got a few firsts: this is our first ever doujinshi release, our first translated release of 2015, our first Aikatsu!-related translation work, the first R18 release under the Lazy Lily name, and the first material I, SHiN, personally translated. Yeah, you heard me, this fool managed to translate something. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t work on this alone and got help from Uichan, LL’s translator. I wanted to know how much Japanese I could read and understand, and I also wanted to experience first hand how a translator spend their time translating stuff from scratch. It was difficult and tiresome, but… It was a good experience.

Anyways, this work is a fan fiction/parody of the anime Aikatsu! featuring Hoshimiya Ichigo and Kiriya Aoi (♥). If you’re a fan of the pairing, you’ll love this one.

It’s short, funny and lewd. Please enjoy IchiAoi on a Certain Morning. aka Aru Asa no IchiAo-chan.!


[Mega] — Aru Asa no IchiAo-chan.


We added three new pages namely Donate!, OTP and Aikatsu!

Donate! — This is where we ask you fo—Hey, put that guillotine back! *ahem* Though admittedly it’d be nice for you toss a few cents, we’re going to ask for something different this time. Got some Aoi/Aikatsu! doujins, posters, colored illustrations, official posters and have a scanner? Your scans. Give them to me!

OTP — This page is, well, useless for you. Want to see my impeccable Master OTP tastes? I will most likely post them there.

Aikatsu! — This is where we put scans that we cleaned or were donated by you guys. The number of scans is currently low, but the list will grow with your help.

Got any questions? Suggestions? Clarifications? Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs