Level 31


I first booted the game at December 22, 1984 at exactly 02:13 PM GMT+8. After a long year of grinding for experience, my character finally reached level 31. It’s also the same time this post was made.

It was a trying year for my character after taking the lone wolf path. My character had won minor battles and a few boss battles, but there were some battles my character has yet to conquer. However, my character had found a new hub world called Twitter, found a new asterisk for a Job class that will hopefully be beneficial and ever since, my character had seen some great and bad things. If only the Growth Egg was easily attainable early game.

The picture is a collection of RanAo art from many artists at Twitter who are showing support for the couple, and it’s very comfy to hang around the same people sharing the same interests.

These on-disc DLCs are too expensive.