Lazy Lily Fansubs Year-end Report 2016

Would you look at that! We survived another year, and it’s nothing short of a miracle, I tell you that!

2016 is finally over and it’s time for a, uh, annual report-thingy. In this report I’m gonna list out some key moments for Lazy Lily Fansubs and I’ll also list a few downer ones that happened in 2016. I doubt I’ll remember every key moment though, but I’ll try.

In case you haven’t noticed, but I don’t use fan art for my news posts mainly because my posts will get posted on my Twitter and I don’t want a random clueless schmuck mistaking me for a fan artist. So yeah.


I said somewhere here that we no longer going to fansub TV series because CR and fanrippers are already doing those, and instead we’ll focus on OVAs, specials, and movies. The reason for that is fansubbing is way, way, way too overcrowded and no one will bother checking us out because we can’t provide subs a day or less after the episode has aired. We did accomplish that with the Aikatsu! Movie and the Yuru Yuri OVA+specials, and sadly those are the only things we did. The BD version of Sono Hanabira OVA and the Judden-chan specials do not count because they’re existing subs and exported them to higher resolution video.

What happened? No translator. Finding a translator in this day and age is very difficult, and any new translator would rather start their own group, or join more popular groups than work for us. That’s the sad reality of it and I fear that it will continue on in 2017. It’s even sadder because I really want to fansub the Aikatsu! Music Awards and Aikatsu Stars! the Movie, and remaster Full Moon wo Sagashite as our 10th anniversary special fansub release. Lazy Lily Fansubs (formerly known as SHiN-gx Fansubs) is turning 10 in 2017 and I wanted to share something big, but… Oh well.


A few of our doujins were taken down because a few fan artists didn’t like the things I do. Yeah, I was flip-flopping regarding my stance of scanlating the things I want or listen to butthurt fan artists because the people who aren’t interesting in buying their books are still not buying their books. But ever since, my current stance is still standing and there are loopholes I can exploit. So yeah.

On the translation side of things, our manga and doujinshi division is currently the most active and successful because, well, literally no one translates Sakura Trick and Aikatsu! Yuri doujinshi, and it’s nice to do something no one else is doing. As of this writing, we managed to translate 13 doujinshi in 2016, and if we include Secret Story chapters 1-3, we managed to translate 16 books. I’d say 16 books is a big accomplishment considering we did 13 translations in 2015, and most of the time we did it on our own and through my management. We don’t have a dedicated translator, but we have a couple of volunteer TLC’ers checking my initial translations.

Finding a translator to work on manga and doujinshi is also difficult, and if they do join, they only stay for a couple of months. I really don’t understand why these people just leave without saying a word. I got a promising translator who did 3-4 books and then a month later, he stopped responding. Maybe I’m just a bad leader and they didn’t like the way I handle things?

In the end, we managed to translate more than 12 books in 2016, and honestly I’m worried we may not top that in 2017. Our translator for Sakura Trick left (no replies = they quit) and my uncertainties toward the volunteer TLC’ers make things difficult for me. I’ll do the initial translations for Sakura Trick and I’ll let theTLC’er double check my work. And since he agreed to check 1 book per month, who will then TLC my Aikatsu! doujin? I’ve been adding help ads in our releases and while we got a couple of interested typesetters, no one applied for the position of translator. Meh.


Back at SHiN-gx Fansubs, I had someone to encode the videos for me. I download the ISO, rip the video and upload it to a private server for the encoder to get. Once he’s done encoding, he’d upload the video, I download, and check the quality. If it sucks, I’d tell him to redo. It was time consuming and like every people I hired, they tend to vanish and screw up the group. This very reason is why I built a computer dedicated to encoding.

Since I’m a poor third-worlder who earns less money than someone on welfare per month, I had to raise money through different means. The money I raised for a PC was sorta controversial and people accuse me for deceiving my followers, but I did use the money to buy a capable PC. The anime translations and the doujinshi you see were all produced using that very same computer. Heck, I’m still using it and it’s almost 5-6 years old. Without the computer, we would have stopped fansubbing. And thanks to the donors, we acquired a lot of Aikatsu! doujinshi to use, we bought a scanner, fixed and updated the video card (PS uses GPU power for rendering some things).

So yeah, thank you for donating, folks. Getting the things we want were made possible all thanks to you, and I hope you’ll continue to support us in 2017.


The polls are finally closed and these are the final results.

It’s nice to see a lot of you finding our translations acceptable, despite our no-honorifics policy. And, well, since there are no public scans of the majority of our translations, no one will notice any translation inaccuracies, if ever. :3

And it’s no surprise 100% of the voters agreed Aoi is the most beautiful girl in the observable multiverses because it shows. Beauty isn’t all about the looks because you find beauty from within, as they say. A girl can have the longest hair, the most striking of eyes, the most perfect skin, but if their personality isn’t as equal, then they’re not truly beautiful. And this is the part where I bash Sumire again: Sumire is indeed beautiful, but she has the most blandest personality in the anime.

For some reason we’re at 3rd in the search results. Whoops!

My Discord server is currently healthy with a few active posters and I think we’ll get more visitors because we’re one of the top results at Google. Hey, it’s a good thing and I hope things will get better. I literally have no place to hang out and talk about anime, so I guess I made a wise decision to make a server.

With regards to 4chan, I will now stop browsing the Yuri board /u/. Shuumatsu no Izetta and Flip Flappers are over, the Aikatsu! thread is dead, so there’s no reason for me to stay. Sadly it’s not a 100% exit because I ended up browsing /pol/. Maybe I’ll stop browsing after Trump has been inaugurated, or something. It’s time to really say goodbye, 4chan. Oh and…

I was the one who made those YayaCoco-themed Flip Flapper threads. YYK is my GOTY 2016.


The future for Lazy Lily Fansubs is both bright and bleak. It’s bright because I’ll be continuing translating stuff I love thanks to the continued support from you guys, and hopefully we’ll find someone to finally translate Full Moon wo Sagashite and translate some Aikatsu! movies.

The bleak part is sort of complex, but I’ll point out two things. Firstly is ownership of Lazy Lily Fansubs will be given to me. Yeah, I’m not the one paying for the bills… until now. Thankfully the bills will be covered because of the aforementioned supporters. If something goes bad, I’ll kill my blog just to save money.

And the second bleakest part of 2017 is I will lose my ability to buy stuff Japan through my friend. Since I started scanlation, I’ve been buying stuff through my friend. What’s great about it is I can buy now and pay later, plus no service fee. My friend isn’t getting any younger and I don’t want to meddle with his life all the time, I’ll look for new options in 2017. The guide at the buyfag website is helpful, but I’m not too familiar with this sort of transaction.

Let’s do our best and hope for the best as well.

Happy New Year, world!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs