Lazy Lily Fansubs reached an Aikatsu! Milestone!


1.5 years later…

As of today, or rather, as of this post, Lazy Lily Fansubs has translated 20 Aikatsu! doujinshi! Since I was the scan provider, that’s 21 if I count this by YQII (not yuri).

Yeah, I know, a group translated 20 doujinshi in the span of 1.5 years is nothing to sneeze about, but it’s a pretty big accomplishment for me considering we’re always severely understaffed.

This makes us currently the only active group dedicated in translating Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi and the only group so far who has the largest collection of translated Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi. Yeah, wow. Even more wow-er knowing my initial motivation was stemmed from a grudge against a group of backstabbing assholes back in 2015. I already moved past that after realizing I have a bigger audience to share my love for the anime, than pander to a group of scumfucks in their hugbox.

Lazy Lily Fansubs is different from before and we’ll continue sharing translations and moving forward. Though admittedly this is another tough time for the group because Uichan left and I have no one to help me check my translations. On the good side, though, I have 2 promising translators who will help carry me and the group for a few more years. Here’s hoping.

Wish us luck for the years to come! Finally we did something big this time around!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs