Lazy Lily Fansubs @ Discord (Discord-katsu?)


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If Twitter isn’t your thing and, well, if you wanna chat with me (SHiN) and the staff, and other folks sharing the same interest of Aikatsu!, yuri, and video games, and at the same time get doujinshi, news, and other announcements, then Discord is probably a good option. And hey, a fansub group has to have one. Or so I’m told.

The Lazy Lily Fansubs Discord server has 6 channels, each with their own use:

#news-katsu — For doujinshi releases, fansub releases, etc.
#general-katsu — Main chat room. Talk about Aikatsu!, anime, and video games
#art-katsu — Image dumping of SFW images with source, if possible.
#lewd-katsu — Channel for lewd yuri-only stuff (not public channel)
#spoiler-katsu — Channel for discussing currently airing shows
#voice-katsu — No one uses this channel. I-I also don’t have a mic…!

I don’t think I need to remind you that Lazy Lily Fansubs handles porn, so if you’re under-aged, well, you’ve been warned. I ain’t your momma, or poppa (if you prefer that). The server is NOT strictly lezzy so non-yuri topics (outside #lewd-katsu) are allowed.

So that’s pretty much it. Drop by, if you’re curious!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs