Jazzkatsu! —Omoide wa Mirai no Naka ni— (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Jazzkatsu! Volume 4 is finally here!

Omoide wa Mirai no Naka ni, roughly translates to Memories are in the Future, is the latest album by Star Light Jazz Trio containing jazz remixes of Dream Ballon (I think we’ll go with the original spelling), Christmas☆Starlight, GLAMOUROUS BLUE and Good morning my dream. If you’re not familiar with the first 3 songs, then that’s because they’re from the Aikatsu! mobile app “Aikatsu! Photo on Stage” or “Photokatsu!” for short.

Just like the rest of the Jazzkatsu! albums, they can be bought and downloaded directly from the creators. If you really like these Aikatsu! remixes, please support Star Light Jazz Trio by buying the music from them. And hey, each album are just 8 bucks! And if you’re new to Jazzkatsu!, go check out volumes 1-3 in our Library.

Big thanks to our supporter naru for sharing the rips with Lazy Lily!


Piano / E. Piano: Sumika Horiguchi
Bass, A.Sax: Yuji Kawase
Drums, Bongo, Cajon: Mitsuhiro Umino
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Ryosuke Horie
Design: Nameko Takahashi
Circle/Group: Star Light Jazz Trio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/starlight_trio
Store page(s): Volume 1 [BOOTH], Volume 2 [BOOTH], Volume 3 [BOOTH], Volume 4 [BOOTH]


[Torrent] — Jazzkatsu! —Omoide wa Mirai no Naka ni— [FLAC]
[Mega] — Jazzkatsu! —Omoide wa Mirai no Naka ni— [FLAC] *fixed music order


Aikatsu Stars! Season 2 – OP2 & ED2 Single is OUT!!!
#37. [Cute] Double Bind Trinity (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
#36 [Lewd] Ran-chan (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

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