Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Starlight Again~ (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

And here is volume 3!

The third entry of Star Light Jazz Trio’s rather great Jazzkatsu! series containing Jazz… Jazz-ified(?) tracks of Kagayaki no Étude, Summer Magic, Hello New World, LOVE GAME and Blooming Blooming. Having owned and shared the other two volumes, these tracks are very relaxing and I often play Jazzkatsu! before going to sleep. Yes, these tunes are soothing/relaxing by bedside, to me at least. And now with volume 3, each night is something to look forward to apart from the act of going to sleep. Am I making sense here?

Special thanks to naru for sharing their copy to Lazy Lily Fansubs!

Actually, Star Light Jazz Trio had put their tunes up for sale as digital copies, and if you like their mixes, you can help support them by buying their albums at 8 USD each. Links below.


Piano / E. Piano: Sumika Horiguchi
Bass, A.Sax: Yuji Kawase
Drums, Bongo, Cajon: Mitsuhiro Umino
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Ryosuke Horie
Design: Nameko Takahashi
Circle/Group: Star Light Jazz Trio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/starlight_trio
Store page(s): Volume 1 [BOOTH], Volume 2 [BOOTH], Volume 3 [BOOTH]


[Torrent] — Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Starlight Again~ [FLAC]

[Mega] — Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Starlight Again~ [FLAC]


Jazzkatsu! and MEGA Aikatsu! are OUT!!!
Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Dream Academy~ (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
AIKATSU! PHOTO on STAGE!! Split Single – Scrapbook 01 is OUT!!!

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