Jazzkatsu! and MEGA Aikatsu! are OUT!!!


After a slight mishap with the busted disc drive, we finally got this done! Oh and to spice things up, we added an art book that was supposed to be shared a long time ago.

We’ve shared mostly everthing Aikatsu! and we’ll continue to share anything once we get our hands on them, really. We covered the anime (movie), music, official manga, doujinshi, and now fan-made music. Huh, maybe we should translate the Drama CD that came with the Aikatsu! movie BD.

Would be nice you help us with the cleaning and translation though. Just saying!


It’s a jazz mix compilation of 5 Aikatsu songs by Star Light Jazz Trio that came out in Event 10. It took us a while to share this because I wasn’t sure my friend in Japan (who has the disc) is okay with it. I mean, he’s just helping me with the doujinshi buying. But after we shared OST 4, I guess I can use him! HA!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fan-made jazz compilation. And yes…


We will make it sure you’ll get Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Dream Academy~ as soon as it comes out on the 20th of November (more or less a day after it comes out in Toranoana).


We got this copy before we got our new scanner (I think) and I held off scanning this because the old scanner wasn’t really designed for photos. And even after having the new scanner, we really don’t have someone with the right experience to properly fix the scans. Thankfully, 8/u/’s Board Owner helped us fix Mega Aikatsu! Thanks, BO-kun!

Oh yeah, this is MEGA Aikatsu part 1. For part 2, go check out our Library and look for MEGA Aikatsu2. It’s from the same circle and drawn by the same artist Naju Soreiyu.



Mega aikatsu Stars will be up next. ETA? Well, uh… A-At least we have a copy ready, right?!

This is technically Delayed the Post, but I hope you guys will enjoy these releases both audibly and visually.


[Torrent] — Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Starlight~ [FLAC]

[Mega] — Jazzkatsu! ~Live at Starlight~ [FLAC]
[Mega] — MEGA aikatsu (Art Book)


Looking for Translators, Editors, Cleaners, Typesetters and Scan/Raw Providers for Major Projects
#26. [Lewd] Kokoro no Doukasen (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
#27. [Cute] Double Bind (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


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