Improving Site Activity

Aoi MeditatesI’m thinking of adding some new stuff to Lazy Lily and increase website activity by posting some anime-related stuff. In the next few days you will see me, SHiN, post articles called Re-Post and Recommend. This idea was originally intended for my personal blog, but… What the heck. I think they’re better off here. I-I am not advertising my blog or anything!

Re-Post are weekly/monthly articles featuring me reintroducing our old releases back in the SHiN-gx days. It’s a fairly straightforward article and this will give new viewers a chance to see our old work and see new anime they most likely didn’t notice.

Recommend is simply me sharing my favorite shows, OVAs and anime movies to everyone. Every week or every month, I will introduce one anime show I truly love, probably make a short review of them and, yeah, share them to you.

I will try to avoid posting non-anime stuff and I will try to write two articles every week.

— SHiN