I love Aoi.

I kinda forgot when when I took a picture of a cake with an anime character on my monitor, but it was an amusing thing I did. I only did it once though because at the time I couldn’t afford a smartphone or a typical digital camera. But anyway, I don’t think I want to do it again because doing it looks creepy.

My love for Aoi is an unrequited one because no matter how many Aoi pictures I collect, no matter how many posts I make with Aoi pictures attached, no matter how many times I diverted donation money to buy Aoi merchandise, or how many times I kiss my monitor, tablet screen and phone screen, Aoi will not and will never return my love. It’s probably the extra dimensions I have. Curses.

With all that said, I’m not depressed I was born with an extra dimension at all. I’m happy just by looking at Aoi, translating doujinshi with her involved and self-insert as Ran in RanAo books.

Happy Valentine’s, Aoi. I love you, my blue goddess.