How to enjoy anime the right way

It’s understandable for a timid and new anime fan to be completely unaware of what bittorrent is and what fansubs are… in 2007. In the year 2017, things like those should be common knowledge by now. I guess people still think YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MAL are the only things to be found on the internet, and thinks streaming sites like KissAnime or GoGoAnime translates their anime. Which is kind of sad because fansubbers contributed to anime going mainstream and popular in the West. And before I end up ranting about fansubbing dying, I’m going to teach you some basics on how to improve your anime experience.

Step #1: Discover fansubs and fansub groups. Downloading anime from them will give you better audio and video quality.

Step #2: Learn what bittorrent is and where to find torrent index sites for fansubbed anime and other anime-related content.

Step #3: Get certain codec packs that will let you watch these fansubs properly.

Step #4: Follow these anime groups from now on and avoid streaming sites or other websites that requires payment to watch fucking anime.*

*there are fair exceptions like licensed streaming sites

What? I’m not gonna spoon feed you everything. Look up everything, eavesdrop on communities, follow people, and do comparisons. The best part about looking stuff up by yourself is the satisfaction of discovering something interesting, then brag about it to your friends, and telling them how casual they are. Or if you prefer the casual route, why are you even here? Go back to your streaming sites and monthly subscriptions.

To give you a starting point though… If you’re a user in MAL, go look up the anime you want to watch, then scroll down at the bottom and you’ll see a section containing a list of fansub groups translating the anime. Or if you’re not a MAL user, go check out aniDB. It’s also an anime database and it also lists fansub groups. If you’re a manga fan, go check out Manga Updates. Start off from these places and everything will slowly piece together.

Follow these steps and a world of experience will open up to you. We anime fans demand quality and respect… so basically if you want free shit at very quality, while being part of a community that is now obscured from the rest of the world, follow these steps.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


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