Happy Birthday, Aoi & #14. [Cute] Odayaka (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Odayaka_01_smallHappy Birthday, Aoi!!!

I think I already stated many times why Aoi is the best in the observable multiverses, so I’ll just jump to the release post… But really, Aoi is one of the people you can easily approach because she’s friendly, enthusiastic and smart. These traits, as seen by fans, as reasons why Aoi can be shipped with anyone. I totally disagree with some of the artists who ship Aoi with Seira and Kaede even, but I do understand why they’re doing it. It’s the same reason why I find Aoi’s interaction with Ran interesting.

Of course you can’t beat the great chemistry between Ichigo and Aoi, so it’s great to able to appreciate everyone supporting Aoi and it’s sometimes interesting to see Aoi getting paired with anyone. With that said, I do hope no one ships Aoi to Maria… Oh and you totally missed the Aoi x Sumire opportunity, Sunrise… or is it Bandai Namco now?

To the doujinshi!

I’m very sure you noticed by now the download icon for Odayaka was sitting in the library for almost a year now, and that’s because we were still searching for that right translation for her “Odayaka janai.” I already mentioned “Not calm” is a lazy translation that’s comparable to “It can’t be helped” and while “This is something special” is good, it’s not really usable in every situation and it didn’t carry that catchphrase-ey punch we wanted. Throughout the past year we used various translations, but I think we finally found our own adaptation of the phrase, and you’ll see it in action here.

“Odayaka” or “Chill” is a cute story of Aoi who literally can’t control her chill. The book is cute, adorable, and shows how cute Aoi can be under silly circumstances. I hope you’ll like this English adaptation as our gift for the lovely blue goddess. Have fun!

A very special thanks to Gulf Standard from Yuri Project for finding the time to help us work on this doujinshi. He was the one who came up with adapting Aoi’s catchphrase to English. Thank you very much for the help, Gulf!


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[Mega] Odayaka (Aikatsu!) – updated


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