Happy April Fools’ Day!!!

Akuma vs ChameleonOld Spice ManYou just gotta love April — Taking advantage of the new anime season by baiting unwary people with fake fansubs! Lots of people are too smart and avoided fansubs that are released on April 1st. If you ask me, it sucks to be them. They’re missing out.

The fake Akuma no Riddle episode contains part three of Proxicide’s Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Trilogy. I was planning to include part one and two, but they’re not really as fast-paced and well-made as Akuma vs Chameleon. I had the .swf file for a few years and I recently found it in my old files. Heck, most of the April Fools’ prank videos were found in my old files. If you want to check out the first two parts, then here is his profile. Or if you don’t like that place, then go to Youtube or something.

The fake Yuru Yuri S3 episode contains the Old Spice video made by a Youtuber named MowtenDoo. This guy loves mixing Old Spice commercials with video games. His stuff are genuinely funny and if you’re sadistic enough to watch a muscular black guy flexing his muscles and yells about men products, then why not visit his channel?

I have to admit, the Old Spice video was a rather poor choice. The original plan was to release a yuri hentai video I personally translated, but I stopped because I have to take into consideration that not all anime fans are grown adults. Was thinking of using this MAD video to match with Yuru Yuri’s OTP (Bite me, Yui-fans), but I couldn’t find a higher quality/original video to use. If you have the original, please let me know!

Nyaa is still the most anti-fun bunch and prematurely took down the Akuma no Riddle torrent. It’s funny they didn’t remove the Yuru Yuri S3 torrent. Maybe they’re secret fans of Terry Crews?

As of this writing, we fooled an estimate of 4,821 people and the most popular one is the Akuma no Riddle prank torrent.

Right… I talk too much. Happy April 1st and I do hope you enjoyed the fake videos!



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