Happy April Fools’ Day 2016!!!

Kiriya Aoi - 00246

Before anything else, I would like to correct something: I watched Aikatsu in late 2012, based on the time stamps of one of my early screenshots.

Normally I’d be pulling a schadenfreude because, well, it was April Fools’ Day, but I’m gonna dial back a bit (I’ll explain that in a bit). So yeah, April Fools to all of you ya!

Best comment

Best comment I got so far.

But judging by the reactions I got, some of you saw through my tomfoolery (yeah, I’m shoving in words I rarely use). Actually some of them were so pissed, they lovingly sent a big FUCK YOU in the comments section. I guess that’s understandable since not all countries celebrate the Day of Fools, or they have limited internet bandwidth and wasted it on this. Anyway, as of this writing we fooled an estimate of 1400 people. Oh and surprisingly the Nyaa mods were chill this time around and spared the torrent for 24 hours. One of the mods was so excited they posted their thanks before I even un-hid the torrent for public access. So thanks for that, Nyaa mods.

So that’s it! I hope you’re looking forward to my next prank in 2017!

Oh and I hope some of you liked the video I used and I didn’t pick that randomly. I thought the song was perfect for Aoi.

[Mega] — Aikatsu Stars! Episode 01 (April Fools’)

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


If you want to read more details like source/reason why I picked an Aoi video, and some blogging…

The video I used is a MAD called 霧矢あおいのアイカツ!の軌跡. More or less it means “Kiriya Aoi’s Path to Aikatsu!.” I saw it when I was browsing /kkc/ — KiraKiraChan a few months back and I thought the song Flashdance… What a Feeling was perfect for the idol Aoi. Also I’m a sucker for songs with powerful/strong female voices, so that’s another plus for me. And that’s also the reason why I love Lovely Bomb and passion flower (now you know why I was so pissy at the thought of putting ugly typesetting improves anything).

After Aikatsu! ended on March 31st, I thought I’d use this video to express my thanks to the character and anime I love for all these years. I can’t simply just release the MAD since I didn’t make it, so I used April Fools’ Day as an avenue to distribute the video. Not everyone watches Aikatsu!, so I named the video under Aikatsu Stars! episode 01 and funnel the video to fellow fans.

Here’s what I did with the video:

  • I couldn’t find the original high quality source of the MAD, so I just took the webm file from /kkc/ and encoded it in such a way to make it look like an actual episode release.
  • I upscale the sub-SD video to 720p and added some DVD/Mpeg2 restoration filters to preserve some of the quality before upscaling.
  • Then I used an x264 recipe to bloat the video size. The settings is more or less similar to the 8 GB Yuri Yuri OVA encode for our 1080p batch.
  • I then replaced the low quality audio with a lossless rip of the song to further bloat the filesize and provide a better audio quality.
  • Lastly I added subtitles to the video.

Laugh at me if you want, but I was emotionally distressed for a few good hours after the raw came out for the final episode of Aikatsu!. I disagreed with the anime’s “Lion pushing their cubs off the cliff” philosophy because for me, it ruined any potential senpai-kouhai dynamics and relationships. Ichigo was shown as a poor mentor because she rarely stepped in and helped Akari. The only memorable thing I saw her support Akari was in S2. Ran could have been Hinaki’s mentor since they’re both models, and Aoi could have been the perfect mentor for Sumire since they’re both Cool type idols and Aoi could have added more personality to Sumire. If the anime followed this dynamic, not only they enforce the characters relationships, they could have given Soleil tons of screen time instead of endlessly teasing them by showing up for a few seconds.

Despite all of that though, I still love Aikatsu!, Ichigo and every idol (except for Maria) and it’s sad to see the show finally ended.

I followed Aikatsu! from almost day one since 2012 and it sparked my interests in idol anime. I also made a lot of friends but eventually lose those said friends, and inspired me to study more Japanese and do my own thing to improve my fan-translations. In doing so, however, I cut off potential support (translators, scanners, typesetters). Right now Lazy Lily is doing these translations on our own, and with sparse donations coming in, I had to burn extra money just to get the materials I need for translation. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

The ending was perfect, emotional, and I would love to talk more about it with fellow fans like Akari being the potential true partner for Ichigo, be the next Masquerade, and immortalized in Starlight’s hall of fame. Sadly my options in doing so are very limited.


SHiN #aoi4lyf