Happy April Fools’ Day 2015!!!


Another year, another bunch of fools to, uh, fool! This year’s day of fools was very hard because I had to try out stuff for the first time. I managed to pull off two pranks, but it could have been done better. And once again Nyaa is the most anti-fun bunch of people on the internet and thanks to them, distribution of the pranks were severely restricted and we pulled fewer numbers this time. As of this writing, we fooled an estimate total of 1,787 people.


Anyways, want to know about the pranks I did? Read on.

Gisoku no Moses

SHOW BY ROCK!! Episode 01 prank — I had trouble picking what new show to use, but I ultimately decided to pick SHOW BY ROCK!! mainly because it fits our MO of idols, music, and cute girls doing cute things. For this prank, I picked the recent ONA Gisoku no Moses. Normally I avoid recent stuff, but this one is so cute, I had to use it ASAP. Anyways, what is Gisoku no Moses? An animator that goes by the name ががめ (Gagame) took a scene from the movie Singin’ in the Rain and made a short story about it. And that’s it. I’m not saying any more. I will not tell you what the story of the ONA is, so you better stop being a spoilsport and download a copy. I guarantee this little girl will bring a smile to your face.

Also Sumire not a best.

Aoi_uh... being cute

Aikatsu! The Movie with naisho Fansubs prank — This was an easy target. The Aikatsu! movie is the most anticipated, uh, movie for Aikatsu! fans ever since it was shown in theaters last December 2014. And, uh, yeah, they’re the best people to piss o—fool! I originally planned to make a 24 hour-long video (aka “What’s going on in SHiN’s head 24/7”), but I hit a dead mid-way because of my rig’s limitations and I needed to download more RAM, or something. The current tools I have had forced me to end up with a 6 hour-long video instead.

avisource() + avisource() + avisource() + avisource() + avisource()… I miss Aoi. ;_;

Why did I drag along naisho Fansubs? Because why not? I genuinely like them. I never talked to any of the members, and chances are they think I’m a huge autistic faggot splergelord and they probably wouldn’t hesitate to shoot me in between my eyes, but… still… I like them and I like them for giving PriPara the proper fansubbing treatment. I’ll stop liking them and move on to find a new group to fangirl over if they become pompous asses waving their e-cocks around because they can pull bouncing, sparkly karaoke that ruins the show’s aesthetics. And I’m serious, go check out PriPara. You’ll love it… Just ignore the live action ending themes…

We’re still going to fansub the Aikatsu! movie no matter what and complete the checklist. Also Aoi a best.


I hope you liked and perhaps loved any of the prank videos I put up and I also hope you’re looking forward to whatever prank I’ll pull next year!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily


We got the highest number of visitors in Lazy Lily yesterday and a lot of them clicked on the Donate! page. No one emailed me their (rare) Aoi scans. Internet PLS! ;_;