Hanayamata Episode 04 is OUT!!!

Hanayamata_04Oh hey, we decided not to drop Hanayamata. We’re currently far behind, so we thought it’s best to stop fansubbing the TV version and go direct to Blu-ray. We think it’s easier this way because it will give us time to, well, translate the episodes.

Now, for the big question: Is it worth the trouble waiting for our version? It’s hard to answer that in words, but what we can do is show it through action. We put our best effort into translating this episode, so if you want to know if our subs are worth waiting, please check out this release. It currently represents our love and effort to the project and anime.

Special thanks to purefmwc for providing us with the transport streams. Finally we can say goodbye to Z-R.

Right. I hope you’ll enjoy our version of episode 4!


Hanayamata – 04 [720p]


Hanayamata – 04 [720p]


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