Hanayamata Episode 03 is OUT!!!

Hanayamata_03I think you can probably tell who is my (SHiN) favorite Hanyamata girl. Again: GLORIOUS.

As you may have noticed, we’re a few episodes behind and we doubt that’s going to improve. Taking breaks every other season has made us a bit more lazy and quite frankly fansubbing is taking its toll. Again. Lazy Lily is currently being manned by four people and one of them is our Sakura Trick manga cleaner. Hanayamata will most likely be our last TV series to fansub for 2014 and we will try to focus on doing our old stuff next year.

There is a bit of good news though: We cannot compete against other groups in terms of speed (translation quality-wise we’re better. :3 ), so we decided to dedicate 2014 and beyond to fansubbing OVAs and possibly anime movies. We, in our opinion, pretty much produced the best fansubs for, just to name a few, Valkyria Chronicles OVA, Kuttsukiboshi, Sono Hanabira, Kaibutsu Oujo OVA, and Haiyore Nyaruko OVAs 1-2, so we think it’s best for us to follow this route. We’re slow, we can’t find dedicated cappers, and there are lots of competition from other groups… So yeah.


Yaya a best!

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Hanayamata – 03 [720p]


Hanayamata – 03 [720p]


00:13:15 — “Yamato Nadeshiko” is a Japanese phrase which is used to describe a woman who displays epitomical traits of Japanese beauty and grace (such as the wearing of a kimono, refined posture, etc). “Yamato” is an archaic name for “Japan”, and “nadeshiko” denotes a type of pink carnation flower. As a fun fact: a popular unofficial name for the Japanese National Women’s Football Team is “Nadeshiko Japan”.

00:18:43 — “Inari-zushi” is a type of sushi wrapped in fried tofu.


We’re still looking for a dedicated capper for Hanayamata. Currently Lazy Lily is using raws by Zero-Raws.

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