Hanayamata Episode 02 is OUT!!!

Hanayamata_02Guess who’s getting the most votes right now. And if you fail to notice something then your goggles needs adjusting! Remember what we said we’ll be seconds faster? I actually typed that wrong. It was meant to say “We’ll be a week slower!” So yeah.

Fact: The only good tsundere characters are the ones with 30% tsun-tsun and 70% dere-dere. Yaya happens to be one and she is GLORIOUS!

Special thanks to Govna of Oshiire Subs for helping us typeset episode 02. Our TS’er Caly is currently unavailable because she was abducted by those darn Martians. I gotta tell you, Naru was one of the lucky ones.

Have fun and don’t forget to vote for your favorite Aikatsu! idol and favorite Hanayamata girl!


Hanayamata – 02 [720p]


Hanayamata – 02 [720p]


00:10:12 — The joke here is that she wrote “yaya” (ヤヤ) in a messy way, which looked like “kaka” (カカ)

00:11:07Anmitsu is a traditional type of Japanese dessert consisting of red bean paste and fruit covered with a syrup.

00:22:09 — She’s using the “dere” from “shinderera” (Cinderella), as a pun.


We’re still looking for a dedicated capper for Hanayamata. Currently Lazy Lily is using raws by Zero-Raws.

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