Hanayamata Episode 01 is OUT!!!

Hanayamata_01That was a good start. We had trouble sorting out the stuff probably because it’s been a while since we last subbed a TV series. But don’t worry! We’re done translating the opening and ending themes and the typesetting thought out, so we will be a few seconds faster next time.

Right. We sorta implied the show is yuri, but actually it’s really not. The good news is the show has a lot of subtext even the close-minded crowd will notice. Anyways, I hope you like our version! Please excuse the video quality and lateness. We’re still looking for a capper for the show and we’ll be faster once we flex our fansubbing muscles.

Have fun!


Hanayamata – 01 [720p]


Hanayamata – 01 [720p]


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