Girl of the Year 2015


2015 was a great year for anime. Lots of interesting stories, impressive action sequences, great characters, and great girls. There were a lot of great girls in 2015, but only one takes the crown as Girl of the Year 2015.

After evaluating hundreds of lovely girls for the past year, our panel of judges have picked the best, the one that shone the brightest.

Lazy Lily Fansubs’s Girl of the Year crown goes to…

Kiriya Aoi!

Aikatsu! made its debut on 2013 and it is still going with season 4, and throughout the 4 years of idol activities, Kiriya Aoi still stands out as the best girl in the series. Granted her screen time had greatly diminished at the end of season 2, but every time she appears on screen, even for a brief moment, her radiance is unmatched.

We even have scientific evidence Aoi’s radiance can be seen in outer space like a blue bright flare. At the right  angle and distance from the Earth, astronauts of the International Space Station pictured the Earth like a “beautiful blue diamond ring in space.”

Keep on shining, Ms. Kiriya Aoi!