Do you love our work and wish to compensate the group in a small way? You can by either donating Aoi/Aikatsu! scans or donate any amount of money.

OPTION 1 — Donate Aoi/Aikatsu! scans and fan art

Aoi meets YrYrRequesting Aoi wearing the Yuru Yuri trademark uniform fan art.

I am requesting any of the following:

  • Aoi and/or Ran x Aoi fan art
  • Rare Aikatsu yuri doujins (lewd or non-lewd)
  • Comiket illustrations
  • High resolution scanned (official or fan-made) posters
  • Scanned DVD/BD covers, manuals, etc.
  • If they’re Aikatsu and Aoi-related material, I want them.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can also send physical goods.

  • Aoi cards (preferably complete sets)
  • Aikatsu!/Aoi stickers
  • Any Aoi/Futuring Girl goods like pins, keychains, pencil cases, etc.
  • Posters, covers, art books, etc.

Please keep in mind that shipping may cost a bit considering you’ll be sending them to Southeast Asia. Please send your scans through this email address.

OPTION 2 — Donate any amount to Lazy Lily

Any amount we receive will go to the following:

  • Aikatsu! doujinshi and art books
  • Hazard pay for our proxy/buyfag in Japan
  • Buy any stuff that are not available on other online sources
    • Manga
    • OVAs
    • Movies
  • For potential equipment upgrades
    • Scanner
    • Additional hard drives for storage
    • Repairs and maintenance

Lazy Lily Fansubs is partly focusing its efforts in providing Aikatsu!-related content ranging from translating doujinshi (yuri only) and scanning art books. We’re hoping to lessen the burden if people chipping in any amount. The more donations we get, the more books we can buy and the more we can share to you. Please check our Doujinshi page for the list of books we posses and our Library page for the books we scanned and translated.

Do you have any questions? Please leave a comment below.

4 Responses to Donate!

    • SHiN says:

      Why thank you! We have our own copy on the way and since the recipient is in Europe, it will take a while. But it’s appreciated I got these, I get to listen in advance. :3

  1. Addison says:

    I preordered the new aikatsu opening if you guys want it tell me the format you want and I’ll get it for you

    • SHiN says:

      Oh, that’d be great! If you know how to properly do it, then I would like to have them in FLAC format please. If you have a scanner, having the scans of the booklet and cards would be nice!

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