Lazy Lily Fansubs shares content free to everyone, but maintaining and funding the website and projects is nothing but free. Unlike fansubbing, scanlation is a costly hobby considering we buy our own doujins and have them shipped. Having control over doujins has advantages like freedom to scan the books at high quality, and zero reliance of public raws. Apart from buying books, there are other expenses like monthly fees to keep the Lazy Lily Fansubs website going, professional fees for translators and cleaners, and purchasing necessary equipment like scanners, and computer upgrades.


  • Buying doujins and art books
    • Apart from the two Comiket events, there are 3-4 Aikatsu-only events yearly and we’ll buy whatever we can once they’re available for purchase.
  • Buying CDs
  • Website fees and professional fees


  1. Donate any amount.
  2. Become our patron. Donate a fixed amount every month.

If you have additional inquiries regarding donations, please email me. Or leave a comment below, or chat with me via Discord: SHiN#6034


5 Responses to Donate!

    • SHiN says:

      Why thank you! We have our own copy on the way and since the recipient is in Europe, it will take a while. But it’s appreciated I got these, I get to listen in advance. :3

  1. Addison says:

    I preordered the new aikatsu opening if you guys want it tell me the format you want and I’ll get it for you

    • SHiN says:

      Oh, that’d be great! If you know how to properly do it, then I would like to have them in FLAC format please. If you have a scanner, having the scans of the booklet and cards would be nice!

  2. Harken says:

    I tried to contact you via discord, but i dind’t found you

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