#10. [Cute] Wednesday/June/14/Am:11:00 (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


You want more RanYuri? You’ll get a RanYuri.

Another doujinshi translation that came out a few days after the first one? You bet!

This doujinshi was made possible because we got help for the first time. The raws we wanted actually showed up in the most unlikely of places, a kind anonymo/u/s helped clean the pages and thankfully a translator showed up and offered his services. I mean, wow, senpai finally noticed me.

A very special thanks to Gulf Standard of Yuri Project for helping us translate this cute RanYuri book. We can’t say he’ll be around for future projects, but I get this feeling we’ll be seeing him again in the future. Oh and if you’re interested in helping spread yuri goodness to everyone, please consider helping Gulf Standard out. They currently in need of editors and QC’ers.


There’s nothing much else to say about this doujin. I mean, seriously, it’s RanYuri. Self-explanatory. Enjoy, folks!


Name: Noripachi
Circle/Group: Jack to Nicholson
Twitter: https://twitter.com/noripachi
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=9748424
Store page: [Tora no Ana]


[Mega] Wednesday/June/14/Am:11:00 (Aikatsu!)


We’re following whatever translations of the terms and names used in our Aikatsu! the Movie release. For this doujinshi, we translated Ikenai Deka to Bad Girl Detectives. In my opinion, Naughty Detectives is a very stupid and inappropriate translation for Ikenai Deka. Don’t ignore the sexual connotation of the word and use it in a kids show like Aikatsu. Haphazardly referencing The Dirty Pair does not make it a good reference.


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