#19. [Cute] Sweet Bitter Kiss 1 (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


Aside from Secret x Secret, we’re going to start translating multi-chaptered doujinshi for length and of course, more dialogue and character development. Here comes Chaos 2nd’s Sweet Bitter Kiss series featuring Ran, Yurika, Kaede and other characters that will be introduced in the next book.

The story took place around season 2 when Ichigo and Aoi are in Dream Academy to help with 2wingS, and Ran, part of Soleil is left alone back in Starlight School. When Ran takes a walk late in the evening for some fresh air, she spots Michelle and Asami of SpLasH! doing something only lovers would do. And this begins Ran’s realization that, well, everything’s yuri. Yeah, I know, this synopsis fell flat at the last part.

Sweet Bitter Kiss is currently a 4-chapter story about Ran’s realization that she is a lesbian, and she must struggle with rivalries, betrayals and true love. It’s an interesting series, and it would be nice if we can release the next chapters in a consistent way. We need a translator and a cleaner for this to happen. So yeah, if you’re a bored translator or a bored cleaner, please send us an email! We really need help right now.


Name: Chaos 2nd
Circle/Group: C.O.2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaos2nd
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=79362
Store pages: [Booth]


[Mega] Sweet Bitter Kiss (Aikatsu!)


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