#05. [Cute] Donkan de, wagamama na. (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Donkan x Sangue

Two well-drawn books by one of the most popular fan artists out there? You’re in for a treat! Unfortunately (sorta) we don’t have a KaeRanYuri art book in our possession or we’re not aware one even exist, but this lovely KaeYuri art book by Ichico is still a matching book for Hitoto*‘s charming Donkan de, wagamama na — both are well-drawn and, uh, what’s the word? “Classy”?

Links below, right after another silly wall-o-text no one reads.



This is the fifth translated Aikatsu! doujinshi by Lazy Lily and this time it focuses more on Kaede, Ran, and Yurika. This book took place before the Partners Cup and after the episode where the anime finally gave some character development between Kaede and Yurika, and the hardships they endured after Mizuki left Tristar. Uh… I forgot what episode number… E-nee-ways…

Donkan de, wagamama na. or You’re one stubborn girl. is Hitoto*’s first Aikatsu! doujinshi publication and it’s an impressive first book. Everything is so well-made, one may think this book was made by a professional publication company with big funding. But nope, this is entirely made by someone who loves drawing, Aikatsu!, and Yurika. Which reminds me, this book came out last year and ever since no one bothered picking this up. Maybe because Hitoto* put two no-copy disclaimer in the book? But seriously, I strongly urge you to support these artists in any way. Donate to them, follow them on Twitter, and retweet their stuff, or even buy their books.


We took liberties in translating the title, but we believe it’s the most appropriate translation and it does nicely describe Yurika, or Ran, or Kaede, or all three of them.



KaeYuri fans are gonna LOVE this book. Ichico’s work were one of my top priorities during the February Aikatsu!-only event and you can tell why — her drawings are amazing. I’m hoping she’ll make a doujin featuring her style. As usual, you can find the download link in our Library.


After this we’re going to take a short breather, resume our very delayed Sakura Trick and prepare for the Aikatsu! movie this June 2nd. After we’re done with the movie, we’ll move on to our next doujinshi project. Since the poll broke after I rigg—for some reason, I’m just gonna guess you guys want “cute” stuff!


Our next doujinshi translation is none other than Nae’s Secret x Secret! What? You don’t know Nae? Shame on you! Anyways this is a RanAo book and I can’t wait to show this to you guys. Yeah, I know, IchiAo and RanYuri are the more popular pairings, but I’m here to show you how good RanAo really is. I’m going to post tons of RanAo stuff until you like it.


Huge thanks to Kurt for fixing Il Sangue e la Rosa for us and a special thanks to Eri for the typesetting and keeping up with LL’s rather very demanding boss *ahem*me*ahem*.


[Mega] — Donkan de, wagamama na.


Aikatsu!-only: Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! 7 (HELP!)
Rev.from DVL – Ai Girl (Type-B Aikatsu! Collab) is OUT!!!
Aikatsu! 3nd Season OP2 & ED2 CD is OUT!!!

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