#09. [Cute] Allegro Break! (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Allegro_01_previewS-Seira a QT…?

Strange, normally I get convulsions, coughing up blood and is rushed to the nearest mental institute for saying Seira is “cute,” but I guess Seira has, well, I like her more. If I hated her still, I wouldn’t have bothered working on this Seira-centric book by Shinoasa.

The author of this book, Shinoasa, noticed the fans doesn’t really like Seira much in Japan, so they made this book and hope fans like you and me will like her a bit more. Did they succeed? Well, I do like Seira now and you have to read this first before answering that.

Right! The reason why Lazy Lily chose this book is we think it’s perfect “condiment” to end Aikatsu! Season 3. This book features all of the cast (sans Miyabi and Kokone) from season 1 to season 3 and if you wanna know what it’s like for Seira to interact with them, then this fan fiction may give some ideas. And Allegro Break! is fun too! If you’re tired of us releasing lewd stuff, then here’s some cute stuff for you!

And hey, this is my (SHiN) second time typesetting a doujinshi. Vale helped with the complex signs and the rest were all me. Typesetting is certainly time-consuming, but fun. Really fun. I hope you’ll like it!

Now I have to get back and catch up with Aikatsu. I’m still at episode 156…


Name: Shinoasa
Circle/Group: Vivit Gray
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shinoasakatsu
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=747452
Website: http://vivit-gray.jugem.jp/
Store page: [Allegro Break!]


[Mega] — Allegro Break!

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed our translation and please look forward to our next doujinshi project!


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